Massotherapy Training in Montreal

In addition to Swedish massage training, École de Massothérapie Adam offers a great selection of courses for your massotherapy training in Montreal. Our team of instructors also offers many specialized courses, notably in sports massage and in reflexology.

Consult our calendar to know when the next courses are offered or contact us to get more information.

The Swedish Massage starts January 25, 2022 (in French)

Our instructors can help you to acquire the skills you need to practice many types of massage.

Information sessions + registration on Monday, August 24th, 2020 or on Monday, September 1st, 2020 at 7 PM.


Professional Training

Swedish Massage 1

A dynamic massage technique, Swedish massage helps to firm up muscles and joints while reducing tension. It promotes extreme muscle relaxation and increases a person’s range of motion. This technique is divided into several manoeuvres: kneading, percussion, light touch (effleurage), friction and vibration. Performed in a specific order, these manoeuvres provide a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Length: 99 months - 400 hours

Theoretical exams
Practical exams
Swedish Massage (Massage Technique) – 150 h
Anatomy/Musculo-Squeletal I/Human Physiology II – 100 h
Code of Ethics – 30 h
Counseling – 36 h
Therapeutic Relationship – 36 h
Sexuality and Professional Practice – 36 h
Interviewing Skills and Health Check – 30 h
Clinical Practicum – 18 h

Total : 400 h

Anatomy and exercise manual
Training manual
Notebooks and pencils
Bedding for massage table
Massage oil
Comfortable clothing